The institution has provide, a good faculty members those have a good knowledge and experience in teacher's training field.
Introduction to the proposed faculty members
1 Dr. Rajendra Srimali Ph. D In Edu., M.Ed., B.Ed. M.A. Principal more..
2 Sh. Prabhudayal yadav M.Ed., B.Ed., M.A. Lecturer more..
3 Sh. Rohitash Yadav B.Ed., M.A. Lecturer more..
4 Sh. Rajveer B.Ed., M.A. Lecturer more..
5 Sh. Sharvan Kumar B.Ed., M.Sc. Lecturer more..
6 Sh. Mahesh Kumar kalawat B.Ed., M.Sc. Lecturer more..
7 Sh.Mahesh Chandra Sharma B.Ed., M.A. Lecturer more..
8 Sh. Kamlesh Kumar B.Ed., M.A. Lecturer more..
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